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Being in an accident can be scary. Many people do not know what to do.  At the Law Office of Warren A. Blair, III, P.C., we understand this and we are compassionate to our clients’ needs.  Every client is important to us and we strive to have a personal relationship with each and every one.  We keep in constant contact with our clients and inform them of the status of their case as it is developing and work as a team to help them through the process. 

The attorneys at the Law Office of Warren A. Blair III, P.C. are experienced in handling personal injury claims and have handled thousands of complex cases.  We have been successful in collecting monetary settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients for over forty years.  If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, we will help you get you the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. 


All of our personal injury cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.  We do not charge our clients any fees or costs unless we win their case, and we advance all costs necessary to pursue your claim. There are no hidden costs or upfront retainers.  If we represent you in your personal injury claim, you will not pay unless we win your case.

If you have suffered a personal injury through the negligence of someone else, you can trust the experienced attorneys at Law Office of Warren A. Blair, III, P.C. to fight for your rights and to work towards getting you the best result possible.

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-Assault and Battery

-Breaking and Entering

-Drunk Driving

-Motor Vehicle Homicide


-Restraining Order Violations


-Sexual Offenses


-White Collar Crime


Being charged with a criminal offense can damage a person’s standing in the community and their reputation. It can also have adverse affects on their family.  Convictions for crimes, such as Operating Under the Influence and Drug Offenses, may mean fines, probation and/or jail time.  If you have been arrested or fear that you will be arrested, choosing the right criminal defense attorney is essential.  You need an aggressive defense attorney who will zealously defend your case.  The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Warren A. Blair, III, P.C. have over 40 years combined experience defending all types of criminal cases. 

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, contact the criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Warren A. Blair, III, P.C. at (781) 380-8710 for your free initial evaluation.

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- Real Estate
- Workers Compensation

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