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Construction Workers


Construction work, by virtue of the physical nature, is often dangerous.  Often times construction workers are required to work at heights of fifty or a hundred feet off of the ground and are dependent on equipment, such as scaffolding, to hold them.  Other times, construction workers are operating large pieces of machinery or powerful equipment.  This type of work environment can lead to serious injuries, including loss of limbs, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and closed head injuries. 


Frequently, construction site accidents involve employees of the subcontractor or the general contractor who are injured on the work site. Other times, construction site accidents involve innocent bystanders or drivers injured as a result of highway construction.  Immediate investigation and preservation of evidence is a critical element in proving a personal injury case involving a construction accident.  The prompt investigation of witnesses is also crucial.  It is important that you contact an attorney immediately after you have been involved in a construction site accident so that your rights will be protected.  

If you have been injured on a construction site and wish to speak to an attorney, please contact us at (781) 380-8710 for your free case evaluation. 

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